Certified Organic Stress Shield Tea
Certified Organic Stress Shield Tea
Certified Organic Stress Shield Tea
Certified Organic Stress Shield Tea
Certified Organic Stress Shield Tea

Certified Organic Stress Shield Tea

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Certified Organic Stress Shield Tea, Delicious Calming Green Tea with Soothing Components, Perfect for Comfort, Mood Boosting, and Aids Natural Body Processes for Wellness, Sip and Enjoy.

  • Give Yourself a Break - Our custom formulated blend of powerful ingredients will help you loosen up and shake off that stress
  • All Natural – No more shady ingredients, manufactured in certified facility
  • Easy Prep – All you need is some hot water, and a pouch of our delicious tea
  • Perfect for Those Days - You know exactly what I'm talking about, when your teacher or boss just keeps on piling work, enjoy a cup of tea while boosting your physical and mental health
  • Stop Anxiety Now - Research proven worry melting ingredients with a delicious taste? That's what we like to call a win-win

Take care of yourself

With the power of multiple superfoods, vitamins, and a tasty green tea base, our tea has everything you need to supercharge your immune system and wipe away your stress. Infused with Rooibos tea, Stress Shield helps minimize things like acne, inflammation, and even helps with weight loss!


Say goodbye to stress

With delicious ingredients such as green tea, apple, and cinnamon, the taste alone should make your worries melt away. However, with a research backed formula designed by experts this should be more than enough to stop those post-test worries or that pre-meeting with your boss jitters.

Perfect for everyone

While this is great as your secret defense against the troubles of work and school, it’s also great to share with families, roommates, friends, and even coworkers (depending on how nice they are to you). Stress Shield Tea can help anyone with daily health benefits and an immunity booster, this makes it the perfect accompaniment to destress and with 15 sachets, can help your friends too.

Your new favorite

With a green tea base and all the anti-stress ingredients we could fit inside one of our cool sachets, our stress shield tea is the perfect companion for your daily schedule, whether you need a quick pick me up after a long day, or something to destress after.