Certified Organic Masala Chai Tea
Certified Organic Masala Chai Tea
Certified Organic Masala Chai Tea
Certified Organic Masala Chai Tea

Certified Organic Masala Chai Tea

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Certified Organic Masala Chai Tea, Delicious Chai Tea with Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Loaded with Antioxidants, Great for Boosting Energy and Immune System, Sip and Enjoy.

About this item

  • No Coffee Needed - Wake yourself up with a refreshing cup of USORCE tea, same effect as coffee but tastes better with less caffeine
  • All Natural – No more shady ingredients, manufactured in certified facility
  • Easy Prep – All you need is some hot water, and a pouch of our delicious tea
  • Power Up Your Immune System - Our custom formulated blend contains ingredients that will make sure you're not the one coughing
  • Health Benefits in a Teabag - with ingredients boosting everything from skin to digestion to heart health, it's a powerhouse of a cleanse and then some

Dessert without the consequences

We here at USORCE have done the unthinkable, created a tea with a vibrant flavor profile, overflowing with an irresistible honey cinnamon taste, while maxed out on the health benefits with ingredients such as Tulsi, Elaichi, and Clove, your body is going to thank you for this.

Invigorate Immunity

Have your immunity up and running like a V12 engine with our Organic Masala Chai Tea, formulated by specialists to help your body to perform at peak condition. With cardamom and tulsi this can help fight infections and inflammations, all while preventing future illnesses.

Perfect for everyone

While this is great for your secret drink that charges your health up, our cinnamon masala chai tea is meant to be shared with others, share with your family, dorm, or even friend you know has been under the weather lately.

Your new favorite

With a black tea base, and a delicious flavor, this can get you up and running like your daily coffee but minimize the drawbacks. This is perfect for a quick energy boost with relaxing ingredients that shield you from things such as indigestion, bloating, and high blood pressure. It’s like your little health guardian angel in a cup!